What? An 8th Continent on Earth?

Zealandia lies just beneath the Pacific Ocean’s surface off the Australian coast. Could this 85-million-year-old land mass be considered Earth’s 8th continent? Just as valuable are museums’ collections, which are often off limits to even scientists. See what incredibly accurate 3D scans of bat skulls can do. Also, can a phone really hear you whisper, and whisper back? Find out in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter here! Join our classes to learn more about the latest technologies - coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Zealandia: What Lies Beneath


Nature Nature

It looks like there might be an eighth continent out there, and it’s even younger than us. And by “us,” we mean the land that we walk on. However, Zealandia, the name of this enticing young land mass, is still not fully on the map when it comes to being an official continent. Find out what researchers have discovered and what they think about it here!

Night Out of the Museum

(The Conversation)

The Conversation The Conversation

The bat’s out of the bag — 3D scans of bat skulls are now available to everyone. Museums are often known for their incredible resources, but often researchers have to pay a pretty penny to access them, or travel long distances to get there. When it comes to bat studies, though, a fancy new technology might just be cutting out the middle man. Learn all about it here!

Alexa: Respond in a Whisper


Pixabay Pixabay

Who doesn’t love the convenience of Alexa or Siri? Sometimes it’s nice just to say what you need without wasting any time. But what about the sensitive information that you don’t want people in public to hear? Microsoft just might have a few answers for that, though it might not be what you think. Check out what silent Microsoft technology was just patented here.

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