Announcing Online Camps - 50% off to support children's learning during school closure

With the fast spread of COVID-19, as a parent myself, I am acutely aware that nothing is more important than the health of our children. And it is not just the physical health, which may be well protected by staying home. When schools have to be closed, the negative consequences from missing learning opportunities and connecting with friends, as well as emotional stress can be even longer lasting. On the other hand, the prospect of children immersing themselves into video games all day at home won’t please many parents either. 

However, times like these also present a great opportunity to build resilience and embrace a whole new type of learning - learning that helps our children see the bigger world. 

Now picture this:

  • Sitting comfortably at home, with just a couple of clicks, your child joins an online class just as easily as video conferencing or using Facetime.
  • There are only 3-4 kids in the class so your child gets a lot of personal attention.
  • The teacher, a caring instructor, is an expert in teaching children computer science.
  • Students are constantly exploring, creating, and sharing their ideas. The class is full of interactions and energy.
  • Your child has a lot of fun learning coding, AI, robotics, and other important areas for the future
  • Most importantly, your child is super excited about learning and can’t wait to go back for more. 

This is exactly how our program, Create & Learn, works. 

At Create & Learn, we aspire to provide the best computer science education to students k-12 by teaching state of the art technologies with a strong focus on creativity, critical thinking, and connections to the real world. 

Thousands of students around the world have learned with us online. To help turn children's time at home into fun and valuable experiences, we are pleased to announce our Online Camps. And to help support parents and children at this special time, we are offering 50% off on All Online Camps.

Camps run 4 days a week for an hour each day. Students can choose a variety of topics - coding, AI, robotics, and more. To make it even more fun, invite friends to join together and receive additional discounts.

Can't make to the online camps? No worry! We offer many options for online after-school classes and free introduction classes for you to try it out.

Additional core benefits our program provides:

Next generation computer science learning - Our classes go way beyond coding and cover a broad spectrum of computer science subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Design, and more. We also place strong focus on showing how technologies are used in real world problem solving so your child becomes a true creator, not just a passive learner.  

Top quality curriculum - All of our curriculum is designed by tech and education experts who graduated from top universities like Stanford and Harvard, and led teams at top companies like Google and Uber. We employ design thinking, project-based, and inquiry-based learning throughout all the classes to not only achieve better learning, but also to make it more fun. 

High caliber teachers - Did you have favorite teachers, when you grew up? Then you know the impact a great teacher can have. All of our teachers go through a rigorous interview process. They are passionate about teaching and STEM learning, and have demonstrated strong teaching skills. They also all receive on-going training to hone their skills and become more effective as they expand their impact on students. . 

Join us now! Experience the fun learning and excitements!  

Stay healthy, stay curious. 


Founder & CEO

Create & Learn

Ph.D in Computer Science, Stanford MBA

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