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Join our Open Classes to learn about fascinating technologies with experts from Google, Apple, Stanford, and more. The open classes will give your child a glimpse of many different exciting aspects of the technology industry and how they make big things happen in the real world. And the classes are all free.

Discover the magic behind your favorite services like YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram. Learn how computer science is supporting the best sports teams to train, the making of your favorite action movies, the inventions of new vaccines, and many more.

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Internet - The Magic Behind the Scenes

By Winnie Lam - Director / Global Client Lead, Google

What happens behind the scenes when you play an online game like Minecraft or watch an online video, or text your friends on Snapchat? Is there a magical factory somewhere that does all the work? Where is this factory, and what happens inside it? Join this interactive class and find out!

The Art in Data

By Elijah Meeks - Data Visualization Engineer, Apple. Executive Director, Data Visualization Society

More Open Classes in AI, Robotics, and more to be announced soon.

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