Enjoying the Spring? It is a great time to get artsy and creative. So how about let your kids build a Website of their own? This is one of the most requested programs, and we are pleased to announce the launch of Build Your Web series of classes. In this new program, students learn not only HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but also the inner works of Internet and world wide web, and layers of business players around the Internet economy. And for the month of April, students will receive up to 60% discount as an appreciation to our energetic young learners. Just email info@createandlearn.us to receive more information.

While Create & Learn is the first program that teaches students K-9 Artificial Intelligence, we are keen on seeing more such initiatives. China has been making a series of announcements in the past year working to make artificial intelligence (AI) a key part of their K-12 curriculum as quickly as possible. We gathered the latest developments in this article.

Also in this April newsletter, we highlight a Netflix show ‘Brainchild’-hosted by Sahana Srinivasan and is akin to the popular kids show ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy,’ exposing just how fun science can be. Plus, a recent study show that letting girls know that they don’t need to be a scientist in order to get into science just might be the word change they need. Join our classes to learn more about the latest technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

AI Education for K-12 Students? How China is Already Making That Happen

(Create & Learn)

China is pushing to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the K-12 classroom as quickly as possible. The United States are still very much in the lead in regards to integrating technology into the curriculum, this new push by China just might change that. What does this mean for the future of our own technology and our children? Read all about the big plans China has for AI here!

New Netflix Show ‘Brainchild’ Makes Science Fun For Kids




Netflix’s ‘Brainchild’ is all about bringing the fun back into science. American-Indian from Texas, Sahana Srinivasan, is the host and would love to help your kid learn all about germs, space, and maybe even aliens. It’s Srinivasan’s hope that seeing a woman of color talking about STEM will bring a refreshing and engaging way for girls (and boys, too) to be exposed to science. Learn all about it here!

Girls Encouraged to ‘Do Science’ Rather than be Scientists More Likely to Engage with the Subject


Is science class not one of the top subjects of your child? It turns out, simply adjusting the way we talk about ‘doing’ science just might help get our girls interested. There is still a large gender disparity when it comes to STEM classes, and researchers are working hard to bridge the gap. In a more recent study, this change in wording helped young girls not only increase their engagement, but maintain it. Find out how your wording might help get your child into STEM here!

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