Woohoo, summer is here! We are having a lot of fun learning and exploring with kids. Hope you are too! This month, we would like to recommend you two great articles on building kids’ character. We know grit is important for success, but how can you help build it? The first article discusses 8 ways to help kids grow their grit. The other end of this is on parents. We want our kids to be safe and happy all the time. But are we over protecting, will it take away the opportunity for them to grow? Check out the article “The Fragile Generation” to learn more.

8 ways to help students grow their grit

“What is it that gets you out of bed at 6 a.m. to run in 40-degree rain, or huff it to the gym for 90 minutes of self-imposed brutality?” It’s grit — the ability to delay gratification and endure suffering to accomplish something big — and none of us were born with it. Now it’s time to pass that wisdom down to your kids.

Boys vs Girls — who are better at math? Well … it depends

“In much of the country, the stereotype that boys do better than girls at math isn’t true — on average, they perform about the same, at least through eighth grade. “ However, by looking at the data even closer, a recent study by Stanford showed that their relative performance actually depends on social economic conditions of the districts.

The Fragile Generation

Do you always keep “safety first” as the top priority as I do? After schools and summer time, our kids no longer come home with a latchkey or roam the neighborhoood. They can’t use tools, can’t play on grass, and only 13% even walk to school. By trying to keep children safe from all risks and fears, we may take away the opportunities they need to become successful adults.

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