There's a Big Increase in 2019 Computer AP Exam Takers, But Many Gaps Still Remain

We looked at the 2019 AP Exam results and saw an increase in CSP test takers, but significant gaps in female vs. male test takers remain. The results are in for 2019! We found some interesting statistics and compiled them here. Last year, we explored the 2018 AP Exams and how we did in the US o

Create & Learn Monthly - We've Been Selected as an ASU GSV Elite 200 in edTech!

2020 is off to a great start for us here at Create & Learn! We were selected as one of the Elite 200 companies who will present at the upcoming prestigious ASU GSV conference! We are also excited to announce our Role Model of the Month, Rik, who is an MIT student that's all about having focus, suppo

Create & Learn to Compete in Premier Global Competition for Emerging Companies that “Bend the Arc of Human Potential”

Palo Alto, CA -- JANUARY 28, 2020 -- Create & Learn was announced as one of the Elite 200 companies who will compete in the GSV Cup and will now present at the 2020 ASU GSV Summit. The ASU GSV Summit gathers leaders in government, education, and work advancing social and economic mobility by bending

Rik (Freshman at MIT) on the Importance of Having Focus, Support & Direction - Create & Learn Role Model of the Month

To inspire our students, each month, we feature a college student or recent graduate about their experiences growing up. We hope the paths they have taken can help open up the world of STEM and beyond to our students as well. Now meet Rik, our role model of the month and a current freshman at MIT.

TechNews4Kids - Will a Robot Be Delivering Your Pizza Soon? MIT Hopes So!

It's no secret that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking the job force by storm. But what does it mean when it comes to AI and healthcare? Robotics is also largely influenced by AI, especially when it comes to delivering our goods and protecting and serving as a robot dog. But what do people think

Create & Learn Monthly - Our Role Model of the Month, Jessica & More!

Happy 2020 everyone! To kick off the New Year, we are celebrating our Role Model of the Month, Jessica, who is in the MIT PhD program with an emphasis in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Her goal is to break some the the biases that come with automation, and encouraged us to follow our interests, no ma

Role Model of the Month - Jessica on Following Your Interests, No Matter What

Jessica is currently working on her PhD at MIT, with a focus in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Growing up, she always had a passion for engineering and science, but felt discouraged as one of the few girls in her classes. Since then, it’s been her mission to encourage young people to follow their int

TechNews4Kids - In the Age of Automation, How Will AI Impact Future Jobs?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been the forefront of innovation when it comes to technology and convenience. How will that impact jobs in the future? Speaking of technology, NASA will soon use drones as a means to explore planets, where they've only used wheeled rovers before! Back on Earth, scien

Top 5 Free Sites to Help Elementary and Middle Schoolers Learn to Code (Recommended by Create & Learn)

Coding is one of the most valuable skills to master for kids. Standards for K-12 computer science education have been established in 34 states in the US, and the number of students taking computer science AP exams has tripled over the last three years. Unfortunately, few schools are equipped to tea

Role Model of the Month - Joy Jin on “Exploring and Pursuing Your Passion”

This month’s role model is Joy Jin, a bay area native and, a first-year medical student at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) who has some big goals for her future. However, it was things she learned while growing up, like competitive ice-skating and starting a nonprofit for the visu
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