Create & Learn Monthly - Our Teachers Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month & More in our October Newsletter!

It’s officially October, and we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month here at Create & Learn! Several of our teachers reflected on what this month means to them. Our CEO was featured in a recent article, parents left us some awesome reviews, and so much more happened this past month! See what they

New Event - Playing Coding Kahoot!

Create & Learn is pleased to announce the next exciting tool coming your way! We are now offering students a way to test their knowledge of coding skills, reinforce content, and boost knowledge retention. We are offering students an opportunity to participate in a Kahoot! after each completed Create

Señor Renaissance

Reflections During Hispanic Heritage Month by Noe Monsivais, B.A.E, Full-Stack Certified Noe is a lifelong learner with over 12 years of teaching experience in low-income communities with a focus on English learners. He is also the 2016 Teacher of the Year at Valley View Early College Campus. I

From Finance to Data Science

Reflections During Hispanic Heritage Month by Fausto de la Rosa Mañon Fausto is a former finance analyst who was convinced he would never follow in his father’s footsteps as school principal. But the value of education imparted to him by his Dominican parents led him to teaching. He says, “a

Creating the Future You Want

Reflections During Hispanic Heritage Month by Rosanna Brown Rosanna is an educator, a techie, and a life-long learner. When she isn’t teaching or creating websites for clients, she teaches Scratch Ninja courses at Create & Learn. Rosanna leads her life with the philosophy that Knowledge Is

The Bigger Picture Most Computer Science Programs Get Wrong

As a caring parent, you know the importance of Computer Science education already. The challenge is how to help your child start learning? This was the same question I asked several years ago when my daughter first started. What I found was very disappointing. Even right in the center of Silicon

Coding With Robotics Online? Meet Our Awesome Robotics Teachers

As schools start back up again for the 2020-2021 school year, whether remote or in person, at Create & Learn we remember the hard work our teachers put into planning daily lessons and teaching our children everything they need to know. We also remember the various in-school and afterschool clubs and

How a Scratch Project Featuring Flying Tacos Inspired Me

Reflections During Hispanic Heritage Month by Joanne da Luz, MEd, MBA Joanne is a lifelong educator. She teaches Data Science and also happens to be the Lead Program Manager for Teaching & Learning Innovation at Create & Learn. She began her career as a high school math teacher and brings a passi

Create & Learn Monthly - NASA Robotics Video, Back-to-School Special & More in Our September Newsletter!

Happy September, everyone! It’s been an exciting summer here at Create & Learn, and we are happy to announce that we are offering 33% off discounts as a back-to-school special for our classes! Over the summer, one of the cool things we explored was space travel with NASA's Dr. Frank, and how NASA u

No Robot? No Problem - Learn Robotics in the Virtual World this Fall at Create & Learn!

Robotics is one of the most fascinating technologies. From going to Mars, managing Amazon warehouses, to doing backflips, the potential is limitless. Traditionally, advanced robotics coding requires expensive robots often costing thousands of dollars. With our Robotics Classes, you can code your ro
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