Create & Learn Monthly - From Harvard to UCSF Medical School, Meet Our Role Model of the Month: Joy Jin on Pursuing Passion!

We are so excited to introduce our role model of the month, Joy Jin! She is a STEM enthusiast and has an infectious passion for learning, as well as helping others. Also, we are thankful to parents who take the time to give some great feedback about our classes! See what they're talking about by joi

Can AI Really Learn How to Play Jazz? Plus, Join Our Coding Contest!

AI technology advancements have created some amazing things, including the ability to create art. What does it look like when computer scientists use AI to perform jazz music? Speaking of amazing advancements, a new technique tracks brain activity 60 times faster than an MRI, but how? And when it co

Create & Learn Monthly — The AP Exam — Another Great Reason to Learn Computer Science Early

Create & Learn Monthly — The AP Exam — Another Great Reason to Learn Computer Science Early Your kids’ Computer Science learning can be translated directly to college admission more so than ever as more and more students take the Computer Science AP exam. Huge progress has been made in recent years
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